Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Progress Report On What I'm Playing

Here's a brief progress report on the games I'm playing. I keep a list of "What I'm Playing" to the left, but rarely do I note where I'm at in those games. So here we go:

No More Heroes (Wii) - I'm playing in "Sweet" mode, which I assume is easy, and I've fought my way up to the second place in the ranking of assassins. Presumably, that means I have one more assassin to take care of and I win. However, given the number of twists that this game has thrown at me so far, I suspect that there will be more than just that one fight before the story is told. I'm still having a lot of fun with this title, and am at about twenty hours into it.

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Justice For All (DS) - I decided to pick up where I left off in this game many months ago, in the middle of a very complicated case. Anyone who has done this can probably understand how hard it is to get back up to speed. You basically have to talk to everyone again to remind yourself where you left off at, and most importantly where you were stuck at.

Last night, I made a breakthrough and have progressed into what I think is the last day of court for this case (the Juan Corrida murder). Even if I finish this case soon, there are probably one or two more left in Justice For All, and then it's on to Trials and Tribulations, which I picked up last fall. And if I finish that, the next chapter - Apollo Justice Ace Attorney - came out TODAY. I never imagined one sequel to the amazing Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney, but in the last year there have been THREE.

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii) - I'm stuck at 119 (out of 120) stars. I've beaten Bowser and gotten 14 out of the 15 purple comets. The last one is insane though - tougher than any boss fight or previous level. The challenge is to gather 100 purple coins across a giant 8-bit pixel version of Luigi. Each floor panel / pixel either flips when you land on it, or disappears entirely, never to return. You've got three minutes to get 100 of the 150 purple coins available and return to the starting point. The most I've gotten before falling to my doom is about 50.

Ultima Online (PC) - I'm hardly playing at all right now. I just don't feel like character development, resource gathering, or equipment / gold farming. Hopefully the big epic event they've been hinting at will get me back into the game.

Paper Mario (Nintendo 64 via Wii Virtual Console) - I'm playing this casually when I've got the time. Like Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door, which I beat on the Gamecube a few years ago, it's actually a lot of fun for a turn-based RPG. The problem is, it's quite a step back from Thousand Year Door and the awesome Super Paper Mario for the Wii, so it's tough to really get juiced about it.

And that's it. Stay tuned.

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Joshua said...

I too am stuck on that very same level on Super Mario Galaxy. It's a great game, but that level is really stinkin' hard.