Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best Bachelor Party Ever

Last Saturday night, after working both jobs on Friday and Saturday, my best man for my upcoming wedding decides that it was a good night for my bachelor party. Exhausted, and with little food in my belly, I had no choice but to go along with that plan - all my friends work insane hours and have complex lives, so it was really the only chance before the wedding to do this.

We all assembled at the first bar we would be drinking at. When my friends Jared and Jeff (who are also my bosses at my main job) joined us, they were carrying a large bag. Inside the bag was an XBox 360 Pro console, The Orange Box, and an extra controller. I about crapped my pants. My awesome friends and co-workers all pitched in, over the last year or so it seems, to get me the XBox 360 as a wedding present. They decided to give it to me at the bachelor party so I could try it out before the wedding and honeymoon.

Is that cool or what?

I was so horribly hung over on Sunday following the party that it wasn't until 8 PM that evening that I hooked the console up. I didn't get to play anything on it except about a 10 minute session of Half-Life 2. On Monday, I was still hurting, and also had a lot of other things to do, but I did manage to swing by Gamestop and pick up Call of Duty 4 for me, and World Series of Poker Battle for the Bracelets for Monique. Yes, in spite of years of saying that she'd never play it (just as she did with the Wii), my bride-to-be wanted that poker game so she could play her best friend in online poker.

I also on Monday got a long ethernet cable and hooked up to X-Box live. I downloaded a demo of Battlefield : Bad Company and played a little bit of that, as well as more Half Life 2. I got my first achievment by throwing a soda can at a fascist cop in that game.

Later in the week, I managed a few morning sessions of Call of Duty 4, and have just been blown away by both the action and the story. I got one online session of Team Fortress 2 in as well, mostly to see what it's like to play with a headset on. Very cool, I must say.

As the wedding approaches next week I'm sure I'll have even less time to play, much less blog about it. I'll catch up after the honeymoon, though. See you all on the other side!

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