Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Should Be Doing A Lot More Blogging

I really should spend a little time to catch up on what I'm playing, but time is now the most precious commodity I have. Working two jobs, still dealing with post-wedding stuff - like the two days I spent taking apart and rebuilding our living room entertainment center and bedroom entertainment center to accomodate the new hi-def TV that Monique's brother got us as a wedding present - and just being awestruck by the XBox 360 and XBox Live service and all its glory, it's taking up every free minute I have.

I could go on about Bioshock, which a co-worker loaned me last weekend, and its amazing style and play mechanics, but I have no time. I still have stuff to say about Portal, Half Life 2, and Call of Duty 4. And the demo of Too Human I downloaded and played last night.

And E3 is taking place right now, too. Microsoft made a huge splash last night and is looking strong again this fall. Nintendo has, from what I could skim from today's headlines, nothing at all that interests me this fall. Is this the end of my interest in the Wii? I could write about that, too.

Maybe this Sunday, I'll find some time.

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