Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ok, I'm Playing Grand Theft Auto IV Now

After playing Bully : Scholarship Edition on the Wii earlier this year, I wanted another sandbox game. Now in possession of an XBox 360, there was really only one choice. So I'm in Liberty City now, walking through the streets that most of the gaming world passed through four months ago, in Grand Theft Auto IV.

I haven't seen a cityscape this amazing since I was in Paragon City playing City of Heroes. And all the sandbox - style content is a smorgasbord for an explorer like me. I'm really, really good at learning 3D game environments, but Liberty City is so vast that it will take me weeks to know just the first island like the back of my hand.

The missions and gameplay are just what I expected, but the most fun I've had so far is testing the limits of what Nico can do, or more accurately, cannot do. For example, I was giggling gleefully as Nico stole one of those airport golf carts that are used to haul luggage, and tore off into the city with it, police chasing after him angrily. While my attempts to get away all met with failure, it was fun seeing just how dogged the police chase was. The cops in Liberty City are certainly smarter than the ones in Bullworth Town.

I'm sure I'll have more to say about Grand Theft Auto IV later on, most of which was probably said four months ago in other people's blogs. Someday, I'll get a hit game at release and not be so far behind the curve, I hope.

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