Thursday, November 13, 2008

Goodbye Ultima Online - Again

Last night I wrapped up my business in Ultima Online and closed my account, for the third and most likely final time since I first logged on over a decade ago. I hadn't been playing much at all for about the last year, and had been hanging on mostly to hold onto my lighthouse in the game, and out of nostalgia.

My final voyage across the seas of the Atlantic shard (server) was uneventful, seeing no other ships at sea, all for the purpose of carting several trunks of valuables to the bank. I tore down my lighthouse but kept the most valuable items in case I ever want to return.

I doubt I will. I came back last year to help test and play the highly disappointing Kingdom Reborn client, and have done little since then in the game. My old friends are gone, and I never really got my gear up to the standards ushered in by the Age of Shadows expansion over five years ago.

It was a great part of my life, but I no longer have the time or money for it, and the hope that the game could inexplicably make some triumphant comeback in terms of appeal and playability has long since died. I hope it chugs along forever, and that people enjoy playing it, but it will have to go on without the Admiral terrorizing the empty seas.

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Joshua said...

A sad day in Britannia, to be sure.

I've kept my accounts open, but I never log in anymore. Working on the game actually ruined it in some ways. But I still reminisce and tell the tales of my travels through the lands.