Tuesday, June 5, 2007

EBay Kicks Ass

Friday I heard back from eBay regarding the aforementioned attack by katsup123 on my auctions and feedback. They agreed that it appeared that he (or she) did indeed violate their rules, and provided a link to the detailed list of them. On that list, I found which one katsup123 violated:

Feedback left by a member who bid on or purchased an item solely to have the opportunity to leave negative feedback for the seller, with no intention of completing the transaction.

Yeah, that was katsup123. eBay said in their email, though, that there are real world legal issues involved with removing feedback, and that they had to take another look at the case before deleting it. So I still had to wait a few days.

The cool thing is that right after that email arrived, I decided to get the non-paying bidder process in motion for each of the seven items that katsup123 did this on. Usually this is about a ten day process, as eBay wants to give the buyer plenty of time to communicate back on the issue. However, since katsup123 had closed his account right after leaving those negative feedbacks, and was now showing as no longer registered on eBay, the system instantly considered the dispute closed (since he couldn't respond), refunded my lost fees, put a notation next to his feedback about it, removed the rating from my record restoring my feedback rating to 100%, and allowed me to relist the items.

All that was left was to get those comments he left removed from my record entirely, which they did tonight. All the damage, other than time lost and stress created, is gone. I contacted his other victim, prayingmantisman, and told him how to take care of the issue, and he was quite grateful.

In this day and age, it's rare to come across customer service as good as I experienced on eBay - both their process of dealing with this issue behind the scenes and thier live chat service which got me started on it. eBay kicks ass.

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