Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Fun In The UO : KR Beta Test

I've spent some more time messing around with the Ultima Online Kingdom Reborn Beta Test, in particular the much - touted user interface. It has a lot of bugs and frustrations in its use right now, but damn is it versatile.

I created on my screen a 4x4 grid of macros where I put my sailing commands. It's almost the same thing as an old third-party program called UO Rudder, which made sailing a lot easier for the old 2D client.

I've posted a full report on it at the Stratics Kingdom Reborn message board here. I've decided to stay with UO through the tenth anniversary in September, at least, and plan on attending the Town Hall meeting with the developers when they come to my town next month. Look for a full report on that event, with pictures, when the time comes.

I'm also thinking about upgrading my account to the Mondain's Legacy expansion, too. Scary.

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