Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Three Years Ago Yesterday...

I sort of forgot another important anniversary, which was yesterday. Three years ago yesterday was the UO Meetup at GenCon in Indianapolis. It was a time of great optimism for the future of Ultima Online, particularly for the seafaring community, as game designers Patrick "Leurocian" Malott and Peter "Fertbert" Phillips were pushing forward with some amazing new additions to the game.

They had in the weeks before the event fixed a long-standing bug with an oceanic gateway called the Serpent Pillars, and in gratitude I presented them with my hand-crafted sculpture of the pillar:

And here's a picture of myself with Fertbert (holding the Serpent Pillar) and Leurocian (to the right of Fertbert):

It was a great day, full of hope. A month later we all met again in San Francisco for the 2004 UO Community Day. I'll remember that anniversary when it comes around next month, I promise.

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