Wednesday, February 7, 2007

One of the Few Good Things About Living in Ohio

Living in Ohio my whole life, I have a lot to complain about : bad roads, stupid people, and being at the intersection of all North American weather systems where it can go from -20 degrees to 60 above in a few days (and back again). There are a few plusses, though, like the presence of two major amusement parks, one of which constantly holds world records for highest and fastest roller coasters.

Cedar Point is the closest thing to utopia that I've seen mankind achieve. If the entire world could be transformed into such a place I'd gladly work my eight hour shift at the snack bar or the kiddie rides just so I could spend the rest of my day riding those coasters.

This year, their new attraction is a coaster called Maverick. Thanks to the internet age, you can virtually ride the thing already here.

Can't wait for summer.


Binky said...

Hey Admiral!! Good to hear from you! I've been to Cedar Point and it is amazing! I would love to go back.

We are moving along here on my new projects (gods & Heroes and Star Trek Online).

I am finally getting over the health funk...I think. We will see I guess.

We should keep in touch sir!

Ruffie said...

Wow, great to hear back from you Binky. Yours is the first comment ever on my blog!

I took my girlfriend out to San Fran last summer and proposed. She said yes, and our long-term goal is to move out there. She fell in love with that city as much as I did at the UXO event.

Anyway, take care of yourself, and I'd be very interested in watching the development of Star Trek Online - I'm a dedicated trekker - not the convention-going, costume-wearing kind, just the kind that watches and enjoys all the shows.