Monday, February 26, 2007

Sword of Fargoal Attempt #4

My lessons were well learned. Tread carefully, use a healing potion when necessary, stop and heal up. I was doing well on my fourth attempt, had made it to level 8, had built up my character to over 100 hit points, and was taking long and boring periods to heal up.

A funny thing happened to me on my way to level 9. The stairs would not work. There were two sets of stairs on level 8 leading down, and none of them were functional. One was surrounded by monsters, and the other was not, so I tried the safe one first. When it failed to take me down to level 9, I made a run for the other set. I stood on them, frantically pressed C, while the monsters finished me off.

Was this a bug or glitch? Did I do something wrong? I searched online for information about the game, but nothing I found mentioned such a bug. All I know is that one hour and forty-two minutes of gameplay were a complete waste. I am discouraged from further attempts, but will probably try again on my next day off.

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