Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sword of Fargoal Attempt #5

I made another run at Sword of Fargoal today, and it was a long, interesting one. No glitches this time, and all the stairs worked as they should.

My three hour and twelve minute session got me to level 13 before I died to the sudden attack of an unseen assassin. I was out of healing potions at this point, but forgot and tried to heal anyway. A quicker response on my part might have enabled me to teleport away instead, since I did have a few of those spells.

There is no way to look up your inventory while playing. It only appears onscreen during the transition between levels. I've been able to keep track of it in my head, though, for the most part.

On the very first level, I found a map to level 7. Sure enough, when I got to that level, it was completely revealed to me from the start. Very useful. Another good find was a Drift spell, which enabled me to use a pit to skip a few levels without taking any damage.

During the long waits to heal up at the shrine, I was playing Phoenix Wright : Justice For All on my Nintendo DS. It turned out to be the perfect game to play as I could keep one eye on Fargoal just in case a monster spawned on top of me or wandered too close. It seemed that whenever I got to an interesting point in Phoenix Wright, I would be healed in Fargoal and ready to move on.

The good thing is,though, Phoenix Wright has a nice, cozy, modern, and convenient save feature. Thus, while I still contend that I am "roughing it" with Sword of Fargoal, I'm taking it easy through Phoenix Wright. Sort of a best-of-both-worlds thing.

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