Monday, July 16, 2007

Mr. Roboto - An Odyssey 2 Game with Depth!

Most of the Odyssey 2 games, other than the Master Strategy Series, are pretty straightforward shooters or maze chases of one sort or another. The new homebrew game I purchased, Mr. Roboto, is quite a refreshing step forward in terms of depth and playability.

As others have said, it plays like a cross between Archon and Tron Deadly Discs, with a big chessboard screen where robot pawns are moved around. When they meet, it zooms into a battle screen where the action is absolutely intense. I've rarely had so much frantic fun with the Odyssey.

The complex parts of the game include the Robot Vs. CPU battles and strategically using the three virus programs each CPU has. It's just amazing what these people are squeezing out of the Odyssey 2 these days. If only they'd been around back in the early 1980s doing this, then the history of videogaming might be a little different.

Mr. Roboto was designed by Ted Szczypiorsky, who previously did Planet Lander, and has also made a Tetris - like game for the Odyssey 2 called Puzzle Piece Panic, which I plan on also purchasing from Packrat Games soon. He says he's currently working on a sequel to the Odyssey 2 classic Pick Axe Pete, and if he pulls that off, that will be an amazing feat. The age of the homebrew is a great one indeed.

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