Monday, July 16, 2007

Wall of Frustration

Well, I was having fun with Metroid Prime on the Gamecube. Until I got to the third big boss, which looks like the rock monster from Galaxy Quest. It's insanely difficult and frustrating. So far, I've lost to him about a dozen times, and even though I've figured out what I've got to do to beat him, I haven't been able to pull it off.

I get really angry and frustrated in these situations. I was cruising through this game and having a great time, and now it's over. It was by no means easy just getting this far, and the lead-up to this boss was intense.

But it was paced and enjoyable. Now, the game is over for me because this boss is just too damn hard. Oh, I'm sure every joystick jockey out there is laughing at me now, saying how much I suck for not being able to beat it. And I certainly have no problem admitting when I am not that good at a game.

I've done what I know to do in these situations. I've studied my various attacks and how they effect the boss. I've put down the controller before my anger makes me throw it at the screen and taken a few days to cool down before trying again. None of this has worked.

It's just that, this boss seems so out of proportion with the rest of the game leading up to him that the sense of frustration I feel has killed the game for me. Metroid Prime will now sit on my shelf for years, unplayed, until the day I either trade it in for jack squat (I only paid 5 bucks for it used) or I just throw it away.

It's such a shame. It really seemed like a good game. I was hoping to play it, then Metroid Prime : Echoes, then the new Metroid coming out in August for the Wii. That ain't happening now. My real life is frustrating enough with out the so - called escape of video games adding to it, thank you very much.

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