Sunday, January 13, 2008

2007 In Review

For me, 2007 was the year of the Wii, and the year I didn't get an XBox 360 because I'm getting married in 2008. The Wii part was the happy story - that and a continuing stream of great Nintendo DS releases. The XBox 360 story is the tragedy, as everyone I know, including a certain person I work with who rubs it in every single fucking day - now has a 360 and gets to play the latest and greatest games of this generation.

Much like the Odyssey 2 a quarter century ago, I'm stuck with the Wii, and am making the best of it through the very sparse schedule of good releases. Wii Sports, The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess, Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, and Medal of Honor Heroes 2 are the only A-List titles for the system that I got into this year.

So, without further ado, I present my choices for Game of the Year, along with runners - up, as I have done every year since 1981. For more info on this list, follow the link.

Game of the Year : Super Mario Galaxy
Runner - Up: Wii Sports
Runner - Up: Super Paper Mario
Runner - Up: The Legend of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass
Best New Hardware : Nintendo Wii System

2008 is looking to be a great year for me. I'm marrying the woman of my dreams, and by all that's holy I WILL HAVE AN XBOX 360 SHORTLY THEREAFTER. Of course, when we registered for the wedding at Target, I did happen to scan a 360, so I may just get one from a generous relative on that day. Of course, then I'll be off on my honeymoon and a bit too busy to take it along.

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