Tuesday, January 8, 2008

MST3K On My iPod !

So Monique got me an 80 Gig Video Ipod Classic Gizmo for Christmas, which I've been fooling around with ever since. My 1500 or so songs I already had in iTunes hardly put a dent in it, so I turned to video.

I cannot put my DVDs on the damn thing for some reason. Even the DVD of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix I got for Christmas, which included a digital version that I was able to put on my PC, well - that digital version can't go on there either.

Some research on the internet lead me to some shady sites where you can first rip your DVDs, which is illegal of course, then convert them to the iPod movie format, which is MPEG4 or something. I decided that I wasn't ready to venture into those dark arts just yet.

Instead, I found Zamzar, a free online file conversion site, which allows me to convert YouTube movies into that format. I've since begun loading up my iPod with embarassing music videos from the 80s, some Ultima X Odyssey movies (including my own), a full episode of the Boondocks, and a Mystery Science Theater 3000 short.

Pretty cool stuff! I still want to unload my Venture Brothers DVDs on the damn thing, though.

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