Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Somedays, You Get The Best Gaming News Ever

Every day I scan gaming websites, looking ahead to see what upcoming titles might catch my interest. Most are games that, yeah, I'll probably get into, others, it's too soon to tell. Once in a great while - maybe once in a generation, an announcement comes along that makes me raise my hands and cheer to the gaming gods for showing us some mercy.

Today was one of those days. Ubisoft announced that it's developing Beyond Good and Evil 2, a sequel to the extremely underrated and undersold adventure game from the last generation. I picked it up used back in 2006 and for that week or so I was playing it, I was in gaming heaven. In spite of being a painfully short game, it was one of the best adventure and storytelling experiences of my gaming life.

The teaser trailer is available here. If you know of the first game and its characters, it won't seem as weird. Bring it on, Ubisoft. Whatever console(s) it appears on, I am there.

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