Monday, January 19, 2009

Circuit City Clearance Acquisitions

Tragic as it is, Circuit City is closing all of its stores, including the one just down from the street from my apartment. Monique and I stopped in yesterday to see what kind of videogame deals were there.

Games are currently at 10% off of their regular price, so mainstream titles aren't that big of a deal yet. However, in the bargain bins, I found 2 Nintendo DS games and one Game Boy Advance game that I wanted, each priced below ten dollars. I picked up Picross DS, Nanostray 2 (also DS), and Marble Madness / Klax for the GBA.

Picross DS is a particularly great find. It's a challenging logic-puzzler that I'm really getting into. Nanostray 2 is an old school shoot-em up, and looks really good on the DS. Marble Madness / Klax are classic arcade game translations that make great additions to our GBA library.

There were a few XBox 360 and Wii games in that bin that were priced in their teens, so I'll be going back to Circuit City in a few days to see if the prices have dropped again. It may take some time, patience, and luck, but I'm hoping to score a few more deals out of this unfortunate circumstance.

My best wishes go out to all those Circuit City employees and managers who have to endure the craziness of this closeout.

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