Monday, April 9, 2007

10 Things I Want For My Nintendo Wii

I'm having a blast with my Nintendo Wii, logging over 40 hours into Zelda as of this writing. However, I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to think "What's next?". Here's 10 things I want for my Wii:

1. Rechargeable Wii Remote controllers. Each Wii Remote requires two AA batteries. The one I got with my Wii in March and the extra one I'd had since Christmas have both used up their stock batteries in about 40 hours of gameplay.

In my house we have a recharging station - a place on the kitchen counter top where there are several outlets nearby and where we keep all our recharging cords. On any given night there will be two cell phones there, a Bluetooth headset, a beard trimmer, a Nintendo DS, and / or a Nintendo GBA. It's the Age of Recharging, yet I'm going to burn through the batteries for my Wii? Come on, Nintendo.

2. TurboGrafx 16 Devil's Crush for the Virtual Console. Alien Crush is okay, but nothing, nothing, compares to the glory of video pinball that is Devil's Crush.

3. A GameBoy / GameBoy Advance / DS Player. So I can put away my Gamecube and free up some space in my living room.

4. Online Play without Friend Codes. I don't have many friends. None of them have a Wii. Only one other person I know in real life has one - a co-worker who I rarely see because we work different hours - and so far we have yet to exchange friend codes.

I'm not even sure how it works anyway. Do we exchange codes and then input the numbers into our Wiis and then are able to play Wii Sports against each other? My point is, Nintendo needs to make some sort of accessable online component like that XBox Live stuff I keep hearing about.

5. Wii Mario Kart with an easily - accessable online component and NO SNAKING. Mario Kart DS owners know what I'm talking about here. Oh, and make the Virtual Console Mario Kart 64 online multiplayer somehow.

6. A Wireless Keyboard Controller so that I don't have to use that point-and-click onscreen keyboard anymore.

7. Wii / DS Interactivity. They both speak Wi-Fi, why not? There should be some innovative gameplay potential there, right?

8. More use for Miis. I made Miis for myself and my fiancee'. We use them in Wii Sports. Now what? There should be some sort of MySpace equivalent for Miis so that all these Wii owners can connect. Or, when they make that Mario Kart for the Wii, use our Miis for the racers. Maybe even Mii Karts, where we also design our own karts! That would rule.

9. A Really Good First Person Shooter. I keep reading bad reviews of the ones released so far - Red Steel, Farcry, Medal of Honor Vanguard. We need a Goldeneye for the Wii, and of course it needs to be online, too.

10. A Modern Castelvania Game. Whip plus Wii Remote sounds like a formula for success to me.

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