Sunday, April 22, 2007

Back From Amish Country, Back on eBay

Monique and I spent a very relaxing weekend in Berlin, Ohio, staying at an amazing bed and breakfast called the Lamplight Inn. We got to see the local shops and sights and get away from the usual city stresses. She got me a digital camera for my birthday, and also Wii Play for the Wii (more on that in an upcoming entry). Here's some pictures I took with the camera:

Back in town Sunday afternoon, I spent a few hours getting some eBay auctions up. I have 5 Commodore 64 games and 3 Commodore Vic 20 games up to start out. A half hour into it, Space Taxi has one watcher and Miner 2049er has three. This is a good sign.
Check out all my auctions at the link to the right.

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