Sunday, April 13, 2008

Avenue Q

Last Tuesday, one of the managers I'm training at work, just as he was leaving, asked me if I was interested in "these tickets to a show". As he reached out with the tickets, I saw that they were tickets for one the few Broadway musicals I actually wanted to see - Avenue Q. He had gotten them from someone at the home office but was uninterested in the show.

I first heard of Avenue Q awhile back when I stumbled across a YouTube video on a gaming site where on of the show's songs, "The Internet is 4 Porn", was being sung by World of Warcraft characters using emotes.

Knowing that the song as far too clever for WoW players to have made it, I did a search and found out that the song was from Avenue Q. I read about the musical, and quickly forgot it. Then I got those tickets.

Monique gladly agreed to go, since the tickets were free - oddly enough, she had won free tickets a few months ago for another musical, and we enjoyed the show and the night out. It was opening night and a packed hall.

The show was laugh-out loud funny. Avenue Q is a very adult take on Sesame Street, with people and puppets living lives filled with all sorts of modern issues - relationships, career issues, racism - that all flow together seamlessly from song to song. The talented cast delivered great singing and puppetry (the actors walk around on stage with their puppets and perform with them much of the time, other times the puppets hang out of windows).

Musicals usually aren't my cup of tea, but if there were more like Avenue Q, and more opportunities for free tickets, I'd probably go more often.

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