Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beaten : Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney

Today I finished Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney, the fourth and currently final entry in the Ace Attorney series, and like Trials and Tribulations, it had an amazing, epic ending that ties in all the subplots from throughout the game.

The final episode out of the four offered, called "Turnabout Succession", truly feels like the torch being passed between Phoenix Wright, star of the first three games in the series, and Apollo Justice, who headlines this installment. With the case in the fourth episode being strongly connected to the one that ended Phoenix Wright's legal career seven years in the past, the player gets to play as Wright one final time, both in court and in a strange investigation phase that plays out between both eras in a manner that suggests time travel, but isn't.

If you've read my other blog entries about this series, you know how much I've enjoyed these simple point and click adventures. It's been all about the storylines and characters, all so well-crafted that, like a good book or movie, the player is drawn into the experience emotionally.

There are currently no more chapters in the Ace Attorney series planned for the North American DS playerbase, but supposedly a new one is in development in Japan, as well as another game that allows the player to play as one of the prosecutor characters from the series. Since neither of these Japanese games even have a release date yet, it could be a year or two before another Ace Attorney game graces these shores.

But perhaps it's time I took a break from the law. Since my lucky acquisition of Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney back in late December of 2005, I've always been working on one:

Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney - Played 12/28/05 through 2/16/2007, with breaks
Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Justice For All - Played 2/16/2007 through 2/23/2008, with breaks
Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations - Played 2/23/2008 through 3/19/2008
Apollo Justice : Ace Attorney - Played 3/19/2008 through 4/13/2008

If I really, really miss the experience, there's a Harvey Birdman game out there for the Wii which seems to copy the Ace Attorney games, but according to reviews really waters the challenge level down. Still, it is said to be very funny.

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