Monday, January 22, 2007

I Got A Free Game

My fiancee's co-worker gave her a new copy of Star Wars Battlefront II for the PC. Apparently she got it for her kid, but the kid had in reality wanted some other Star Wars game, and since it was opened she couldn't take it back, so she offered it to my fiancee' to give to me. I hope that run-on sentence didn't make you too dizzy.

At first I was reluctant. I don't enjoy PC games that much anymore, mostly due to the complexity of keyboard controls, but after a few days of my fiancee' asking me "Did you try it yet?" I finally loaded all 4 discs and gave it a try. The training mission was pretty easy to get into, so I started the campaign mode and have finished two missions. The space battle above Coruscant was as dizzying as that run-on sentence in the first paragraph.

I'm not too good at the game yet, but it is enjoyable. Plus it was free. I hope my fiancee's co-worker makes some more inaccurate purchases in the future. Maybe she'll get the kid a Wii when he actually wants a Playstation 3.

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