Monday, September 10, 2007

Fifteen Years Ago...Operation Full Tilt

Another anniversary passed almost unnoticed for me last week, as fifteen years ago, on September 4, 1992, I purchased the Super Nintendo Entertainment System during a time in my life I called "Operation Full Tilt".

Full Tilt refers to the pace I was working in order to catch up with the state of the art in gaming at the time. I had owned a Turbografx 16 for almost two years at that point, but couldn't find the cash in my budget to get either a Sega Genesis or a SNES. So, I took on a second job, three days a week, until I could.

It didn't take long. By December of 1992 I had both of those systems, some great games for them, as well as some of the handheld systems of the time. The conundrum was, of course, that working 16 hour days three days a week left little time to enjoy them all.

The Super Nintendo was first because its library of games was really starting to blossom. It came with the incredible Super Mario World, and every two weeks after that it was another great game for the system. The Legend of Zelda : A Link To The Past was first, followed by Contra III : The Alien Wars, Street Fighter 2, and then the legendary Super Mario Kart.

After the first of the year I was as caught up as I was going to get, and having a blast with all these games, so I ended Operation Full Tilt and thus restored my sanity. Ironically enough, recent events have me contemplating another two job operation - this time, however, to help fund my upcoming wedding rather than catching up with state of the art in videogaming.

It's funny how geek priorities change as we get older.

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