Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What? All That And No Article On The Actual Anniversary Day of UO?

No. I was playing.

I spent a few hours hunting in Covetous for one of the new items, and got the Arms of Compassion, one of eight pieces of the virtue armor set.

I then found out that all closed accounts were reactivated for free to give old players a chance to come back for a short period of time, so I looted the heritage tokens off of my long-defunct second account and the account of an old friend that had been closed back in 2001.

What was cool was that my old friend's account had 2 veteran rewards sitting on it ready to be claimed. Sweet.

I think the best tribute I can give to the greatness of Ultima Online on its tenth anniversary is that it was still so engrossing that it kept me from working on this very blog.

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