Monday, September 24, 2007

Ten Great Pieces of UO Swag I've Acquired

While I've never been an intended collector of UO - related items, I've acquired quite a few things over the years in addition to the six expansion boxes that sit on my shelf next to the original UO box. For this top ten, please allow me the indulgence to show off these items:

10. UO Necklace
I acquired this at the UO Community Day in 2004 (Look for an article about that tomorrow).

9. Ultima X Odyssey Autographed Player Races Poster
Ok, this is not technically UO swag, but it's damn close and all that I have left of that game is swag. I got this at the UXO Event in August of 2003. Even though SunSword was not a part of the UXO team, I got his autograph on it too.

8. Prima UO Guide
I have a rule about game guides and cheat books - I don't get them. They are a violation of everything that gaming should mean. Having said that, Ultima Online was, well, just a bit intimidating in those days, so a few days after getting the game, I got this guide, mostly for the awesome town maps that were included in it. There were also a lot of in-character stories and a list of some of the early easter eggs. Also, it had a great poster.

7. Ultima X Odyssey Pouch
Ok, I swear this is the last UXO item in this list. It was just too cool to pass on, though. This pouch was assigned to all attendees and was our identification pass throughout the event. Note the tiny virtue pin (mine was Valor) that holds my nametag to the pouch itself. Inside was a hologram card, a pendant with a big X carved on a slim stone, and some other swag.

6. Ultima Online Embroidered Sweatwhirt
I won this sweatshirt at the 2004 GenCon UO Townhall during a contest. Designer Leurocian posed the question "Who was the Shadowlord of Hate?". My Ultima 5 experience paid off here, and I got the right answer (Astaroth, I think it was). It's a really high quality item.

5. UO Community Day 2004 Pass
Without this pass on my person, I would have been shot on sight by EA security at the UO Community Day back in 2004.

4. The Original Ultima Online Box
Everything but the pin, still in great shape.

3. UO Community Day 2004 Hoodie
This is my favorite UO wearable, although the hood really shrunk and is now very tight.

2. UO Third Dawn Alpha Disk
I have no idea who sent it to me, but one day it just arrived in my mailbox. It was the first time that I got to alpha (or even beta) test anything. Someone at OSI at the time must have felt that my work with the Turbulent Waters warranted my inclusion in the testing process. I was, and still am, honored by all that.

1. UO Samurai Empire Autographed Edition
Those of us fortunate enough to attend that 2004 Community Day event got these a few weeks later. Autographed by the entire team at the time. It's amazing that of all the names I can make out on that box, only Leurocian is with the current dev team.

And there you have it. Thanks to all the community people - Binky, you especially - who made most of this all possible.

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Joshua said...

I have held that UO:SE box in my hands. :)

Glad to see you got one. I also have the original Prima guide. I still take it out and read it over a midnight snack and remember the good old days when I first started playing the game.