Monday, September 3, 2007

SunSword's Heatwave Interactive Misses Its First Deadline

They don't even have a game yet, not in beta, not in alpha, not in development, as far as anyone knows, but former UO producer SunSword's new company, Heatwave Interactive, has already missed its first promised deadline.

In an article on his blog dated August 1st, SunSword announces that his fledgling Austin, Texas company is seeking a "gamer's advisory committee", and to "pay attention to the Heatwave Interactive Website during the month of August for official details about how YOU could have serious input on Heatwave projects."

Well, it's September 3rd and I can find no reference to such official details. Like many (or more likely, several) gamers who remember SunSword's years of work on Ultima Online, I am watching the development of Heatwave with great interest.

A missed deadline, this soon, may be a bad omen. More likely than not, SunSword and his team have simply been too busy to follow through on such a community - building endeavor. Nonetheless, any clean slate they had with this startup is now officially very slightly smudged.

I will endeavor to contact SunSword about this issue and see what I can dig up. Stay tuned.

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