Monday, September 3, 2007

Ivory Tower Mentality Continues at EA (Updated)

A recent attempt by myself to get an interview with a particular UO team member (who shall remain nameless) has apparently been shot down by someone at EA. I traded emails with this person over the last few weeks, and their last response was this:

"I asked but permission was declined, sorry."

I have attempted to privately contact Jeremy, EA/Mythic's current UO community coordinator, but she has no listed email that I can find and is not accepting private messages over at Stratics. Her post on this very blog back in July leads to another dead-end, as she has kept her profile private here, too.

I also tried the only official channel I could find at, under "Fansite Links" , where an email address was given for those seeking interviews and other similar forms of contact. I never got a response.

It's a shame as UO approaches its 10th anniversary that I could not get the interview I wanted with the person whose perpective on the anniversary would far outshine anyone else's. Through all the teams that UO has had, and through all the promises made by community coordinators to make things better, the ivory tower mentality has persisted.

I may try to get in contact with Jeremy publically about this, over at Stratics, and push the issue a little. If I fail, on UO's anniversary later this month, I will post the questions here and smart readers may be able to figure out who was not allowed to be interviewed.

UPDATE : Jeremy responded to my email saying that the person I want to interview is to busy. While she offered me an interview with someone else, I am still disappointed, but may take whatever I can get at this point.


Fox said...

Miss Emily Jeremy Dalberg:

Ruffie said...

Thanks - Jeremy replied to my email saying that the person I want to interview is "absolutely slammed" right now, and thus not available.

Really, though, I could have my questions ready tonight and send them in - even if this person answered one question a day, it could be a full interview by the time the anniversary rolls around.

I guess I'll let this one slide. Jeremy offered to set me up with someone else to interview, but to be honest there's no one there I can think I'd like to question.