Saturday, March 17, 2007

Phoenix Wright : AA : JFA Progress

I'm making continued progress through the first great game of 2007, Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney : Justice for All. Before I continue, for the sake of blogging brevity, I need to come up with a standard short name for the game.

I could simply call it Phoenix Wright 2. Or Phoenix Wright JFA, leaving out the Ace Attorney part. Okay, let's go with Phoenix Wright JFA. We all know he's an Ace Attorney after the first game.

I think that last push I had to make to finish the first game made me a better attorney, too. I am not getting as stuck as I did when playing the first game. Of course, the cases start out pretty simple and get harder as they go on. Tonight, I finished the third episode, called Turnabout Big Top. It involved a murder at a circus, so as you might imagine, I had to deal with a clown and a ventriloquist on the witness stand.

The game is a blast. It has great characters, intriguing mysteries, humor, and tragedy. Plus an ongoing plot about the absence of a major character from the first game that is unfolding through all the episodes. I can't wait to see where it leads. I just wish that stupid judge would take the whip away from Franziska von Karma. The bitch has some serious issues, and it's not going to get better for her as I keep kicking her ass in court.

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