Wednesday, March 7, 2007

WiiQuest : Day 1

Living on the east side of Columbus, Ohio, I have a lot of retail options in my hunt for the elusive Nintendo Wii.

Wal - Mart : I had asked a few young, twentysomething Wal - Mart guys I saw last week about the Wii. They said they've been getting in about a dozen a week, usually on Wednesday or Thursday. So I started there around 10:30 AM. There was a middle-aged woman on duty in their electonics department, and she said to check back around 2PM.

EB Games #1 : The guy there said he just sold the last one. I asked "just now" and he said yes, indicating that if I had been there at opening I might have gotten one.

Best Buy : The guy there said they had a few yesterday that sold out. The best days to check there are Tuesday and Thursday.

Meijer : It took me about ten minutes to get some help in their electronics department, and the woman that came to help me had no clue about any shipments. I picked up a classic controller, though, just to have something to show for the day.

Target : The guy there said that they only get shipments every three weeks and had no idea when the next one was due.

Circuit City Ah, those empty boxes. Why display them when there are NO FRIGGIN' WIIS? The guy there said they get them every two to three weeks. He told me the last shipment did indeed have people camping out fot them. They got nine in but only had seven people waiting.

Toys - R - Us : The guy there said to check every Tuesday through Friday between 11 AM and 1 PM.

EB #2 : This is the EB where my friend works. She wasn't in yet, so I left my cell phone number with her co-worker so she could contact me. They had no Wiis and no knowlege of when more were coming. She called me back later in the day and promised to let me know if more arrive. She also promised to hold one for me, but after what happened in December I have little faith in her co-workers to do that.

Sears : The guy here told a tale of their complaints to Sears regional managers about the shortages. He claimed that they should start seeing them in by the end of the month, and it was best to check on Sundays and Thursdays. He said to check the Gamestop across the street, because it was kind of obscured and he got his there at Christmas. He claimed to have seen eight Wiis there unsold at the time. Sure.

Gamestop : Their last shipment was three weeks ago. The guy there said that they are deliberately kept in the dark about the arrival of new Wiis to prevent camping. LOTS of pointless, empty Wii display boxes.

Wal-Mart Again : By now it was 2 PM so I checked back. The same woman went in the back and come out reporting no Wiis.

My first day was a failure. Tomorrow I will return to Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Toys - R - Us. I may venture to other sites as well.

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