Thursday, March 8, 2007

WiiQuest : Day 2

Again I hit the stores in my area, plus a few out of my immediate area.

Best Buy : Said to check back on Tuesday.

Wal - Mart : None came in today. Check back tomorrow between 11 AM - 2 PM.

Toys - R - Us : None came in today.

Circuit City (a different one than yesterday): Company may be holding them for a Sunday sale, call Saturday evening to check.

Wal - Mart (a different one): None came in today.

Gamestop (a different one than yesterday): None in stock. The guy there said the European launch of the Wii is cutting into the U.S. supply. He recommended ordering one from their website and just waiting it out.

Toys - R - Us (a different one): None in stock. Possibly being held for a Sunday sale either this week or next, recommended being there at opening on Sunday.

Frustration incarnate. It will be some time before I get my Wii. Next week, I switch over to daytime work hours, Tuesday through Saturday. I may be forced, much against my wishes, to go the eBay route to get a Wii. Damn Nintendo for their shortage. Curse every eBay opportunist who is snatching up the systems for a quick buck.

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