Saturday, March 17, 2007

WiiQuest Update

I decided to stop calling from work during the week. I had no luck in my initial attempts, and the work was too hectic to take any time off to get a Wii, even if one turned up. Which leaves me with one hope - the Sunday morning Wii releases at one of the big chains such as Best Buy, Circuit City, or Toys R Us.

A call I placed this evening to a nearby Toys R Us has given me some hope for tomorrow morning's hunt. The person who answered told me, in a very positive tone, that yes, they would have Wiis for sale at the opening tomorrow, which is at 10 AM. When I inquired about people still camping out, she said yes, sometimes, and threw out a time of 7AM in regards to my question about it.

So, tomorrow, in the freezing cold temperatures of almost-the-start-of-spring-but-it's-still-friggin'-deep-winter Ohio, I will camp out for a Wii. FOUR MONTHS AFTER RELEASE DAY. Wish me luck.

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